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You never really notice how much your little one has grown until you take them to the pediatrician or try to stick them in a pair of pants that mysteriously turned into shorts overnight. If you need to keep tabs on your baby's weight progression or if you're just plain curious, you're in the right category. These baby scales feature user friendly designs and great functions to make weighing that wiggly babe quick and painless. When your precious little bundle isn't so little anymore, the weighing cradles on these scales come off transforming them into the perfect toddler scale.

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Jennings Baby Nest Scale

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Jennings Baby Nest Scale In Stock FREE SHIPPING Your Price: $76.99 On sale $59.20

The Jennings Baby Nest Scale is a great, portable solution for weighing little ones. This baby scale has a 44 pound capacity with a 0.01 pound resolution and is designed for easy care and comfortable weighing.

My Weigh MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale

My Weigh MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale In Stock FREE SHIPPING Your Price: $87.99 On sale $77.50

The My Weigh MBSC-55 UltraScale Multi-Purpose Digital Scale has a 55 pound capacity with dual resolutions starting at 1/2 ounce, also weighs in 3 other modes. This scale has a remote display, removable cradle and more. Adapter and accessories included.