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Jennings TB11000
Jennings TB11000
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Scale Size 11.75" x 8.25" x 3.75"
Platform Size 7" x 6.25"
Power AC Adapter or 4 AA Batteries
1.2" backlit LCD : 0.75" digits
0.88" backlit LCD : 0.63" digits
Platform stainless steel
User Calibration yes
Uses Calibration Weight 10 kilogram
Included Accessories AC Adapter
Mode Capacity Resolution
Gram 11000.0 g 0.5 g
Carat 55000.0 ct 2 ct
Ounce 388.00 oz 0.02 oz
Troy Ounce 353.60 ozt 0.02 ozt
Pennyweight 7073.0 dwt 0.5 dwt
Grain 169779 GN 10 GN
Momme 2932.0 mo 0.2 mo
Tical 673.00 t 0.05 t
Pound 24.250 lb 0.001 lb
Gram per Square Meter 99940 GSM 50 GSM
Tael Taiwan 293.20 tl.T 0.02 tl.T
Tael Hong Kong 291.00 tl.H 0.02tl.H
Tael Japan 293.80 tl.J 0.02 tl.J
Tola 943.00 tola 0.05 tola
Drams 6205.0 dr 0.5 dr
Tola, Anna, Ratti 944.0.2 TAR 1.1.1 TAR
Tola, Masha, Ratti 943.0.3 TMR 1.1.1 TMR
Grams per Square Meter x99940 gsm 50 gsm
1/4 Ounce 1552.0 1/4 oz 0.0 1/4 oz
1/8 Ounces 3104.0 1/8 oz 0.2 1/8 oz
Viss 6.735 viss 0.0005 viss
Kilogram 11.0000 kg 0.0005 kg
Counting 11000.0 g 1 piece
Displays So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

Well, you won't really need shades but, you won't have a problem reading your weights thanks to the two backlit LCD displays on the TB-11000. There is a display on the front and back of the scale, just in case.

Piece Counting Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

If you're not up for a brain numbing count-a-thon, you can always put the TB11000 to work. The TB-11000 is great at counting and will let you know just how many pieces you have in no time. Just weigh a sample amount, push a few buttons then load this precision scale up with all your parts and pieces.

A Backlight That Listens

You can use the TB11000 with the backlit display, or you can program the display to stay off and conserve battery power. So Green.

Get The Weights You Want With Tare

Sometimes, having unwanted weight on your scale is just plain unavoidable. Don't worry your pretty little head. The TB-11000 has a tare feature that will remove weight from your readings with, literally, a push of a button. Just put your weighing tray, bowl, scoop or whatever on the scale and press the "TARE" key. Now the scale is set back to zero and you can add the goodies you really want to weigh.

Eeeeaaasy User Calibration

If your Jennings scale needs a little tune-up, don't worry. You can calibrate this precision scale all by yourself. It's so easy, all you need to get your TB11000 back in tip-top-weighing shape is a 10,000 gram calibration weight and, of course, the Jennings user manual.

Level Out And Start Weighing

The TB-11000 has a built in liquid level indicator and adjustable feet to help you get it nice and level before you start weighing. Level scale = accurate weight readings.

This Platform Doesn't Have to Stick Around

Cleaning up doesn't have to be a hassle. A removable platform makes cleanup easy, and so you don't worry about rust or tarnish, the platform on the TB-11000 is made of stainless steel and stays shiny.

Unit Memory

If you weigh your stuff with the same unit all the time and aren't too excited about pushing that little button to get to the unit you want every time you turn your scale on, you're in luck. The Jennings TB-11000 will remember the unit you're weighing with and will turn on ready to weigh in the same unit next time.

Programmable, (Not Quite) Life Saving Auto-Off

Program If you're in the middle of a weighing tournament or you just don't want your scale to turn off ever, you're in luck. The Jennings TB-11000 has a programmable auto-off that will let you choose when and how this bad boy turns off. You can tell this precision scale to stay on forever, at least until the batteries die, or you decide to turn it off yourself, or to turn off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

Holy Cow...Twenty Years?

We've been doing business long enough to know that if your purchase isn't working as advertised, (or isn't working at all) it needs to be replaced, and pronto. If there is anything wrong with your scale and you let us know within 30 days of its arrival we'll happily give you a refund or replace your order, at our cost! No questions asked! If it happens to be 30 days after you place your order, don't fret. You can get your scale replaced under the manufacturer's 20 year warranty. Either way you're getting taken care of speedy fast. To replace a scale under the manufacturer's warranty you must send your scale to the manufacturer's warehouse with your warranty card, (it comes with your scale in the box) and a your invoice/receipt. Please keep the warranty card that comes with your scale, it is required for warranty replacements.

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