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My Weigh Galileo 2
My Weigh Galileo 2
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Scale Size 12.25" x 12.25" x 0.75"
Platform Size 12.25" x 12.25"
Power 2 CR2032 Batteries (included)
Display 2.4" LED : 1" digits
Platform Glass
Included Accessories 2 CR2032 Batteries
Weighing Modes 2
Mode Capacity Resolution
Kilograms 150.0 kg 0.1 kg
Pounds 330.0 lb0.2 lb
Hey, Good Lookin'!

If you've got the best house on the block, with all the fancy furniture, or you throw parties just to show everyone that you remodeled your kitchen. Then you'll love to own the oh-so-sleek and modern My Weigh Galileo bathroom scale. Everyone will be simply amazed at how awesome your bathroom looks after this addition.

This Scale Is Smart!

If you have a ton of people living in your house, the My Weigh Galileo 2 is the perfect digital bathroom scale for your household. This genius of a scale has a memory for up to eight people. Eight different people can store their information on the scale for easy access to their body fat and body water percentages.

"Keep it simple, stupid"...with Step & Weigh

If you're of the lazy variety or just are not the patient type, then you'll love the "Step and Weigh" feature on the My Weigh Galileo II bathroom scale. Simply step right on the scale and it will show your weight. Now you can get to work on time.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or "How fat am I?"

Put your thinking cap on for this one. This awesome scale has the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis feature that safely measures the percentage of body fat in your body. Even though this feature is very safe you should not use this scale if you have a pacemaker or any other electrical device in your body. In addition to body fat this highly capable scale can also weigh percentage of body water in 0.1% increments. That's amazing!

30 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

We've been doing business long enough to know that if your purchase isn't working as advertised then it needs to be replaced, and pronto. If there is anything wrong with your scale within 30 days of arrival we'll happily give you a refund or replace your order, at our cost! No questions asked! If it happens to be 30 days after you place your order you will need to get your scale replaced under the manufacturer's 30 year warranty. For full details check out our Return Policy Page here. Either way you're getting taken care of speedy fast.

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